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05.16.11 Posted in Work by endofera

Cruzando is a critically acclaimed independent film that hit the festival circuit in 2009. EOE handled all post-production, sound design and ADR work.

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Many earnest films have been made recently about the struggles of Latin American migrants trying to cross into the U.S. for a better tomorrow; CRUZANDO isn’t one of them. This madcap adventure follows the journey of two Mexican no-hopers. CRUZANDO chronicles the real-life hazards of such a trip but is as much a comedy as it is a drama. About a week before the birth of his first child, Manuel learns that his long-lost father is about to be executed in Texas. Against his wife’s wishes he heads north, abandoning his job cleaning peep-show booths at a strip club while being tracked by the club’s brutal bouncer. Manuel’s videocam-toting pal Diego tags along, planning a documentary of the trek. Mistaken identities, family traumas, and dehydration complicate Manuel’s quest, but he finally learns a familiar lesson: There’s no place like home…even if home is not all that great.

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